Welcome to Hitech International Trade Fair India Pvt Ltd

Hi-tech International Trade Fair India Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer globally acclaimed industrial trade fair management and organizing company founded by M A Rayappan (Chairman and Managing Director) that focuses on the textile industry and more particularly the knitting industry in India. Hi-tech International is particularly recognized for its KNITTECH series of knitting technology exhibitions in Tirupur, India. KNITTECH is an ITPO recognized exhibition that adheres to global standards for trade fairs. With branch offices in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore and Peoples’ Republic of China we operate on a global scale. Over the years, since its first edition in 1993, we have successfully completed 14 editions and heading for the grandest of all – the 15th edition in March, 2019 that will open the floodgates to a $3 billion market for knitting machineries and accessories.

KNITTECH is our flagship industrial textile fair for the Knitting Industry in India.Our 14 editions over a period of 25 years have helped domestic and international textile equipment manufacturers to connect with the Indian Textile Industry and cement a lasting relationship in which both vendors and buyers benefit enormously. Uniquely KNITTECH is the biggest ever trade fair exclusively for the knitting industry in the Asian Region.The advantage is that when you participate in KNITTECH you will be in the midst of Tirupur that produces nearly 90% of India's knitted garment and apparel, thus making post-exhibition follow-up and concluding deals easier.